Alyas Robin Hood's Bow is Pepe's primary weapon under the guise of "Alyas Robin Hood". It can also be used for ranged or close ranged combat. It appears in every installment of the Alyas Robin Hood Saga.

Background Edit

Book 1 Edit

The bow/staff was created by Jekjek for Pepe to use as a weapon. The bow itself includes a number of arrows. It can also be used as a staff for close ranged combat and it is almost impossible to break.

Pepe loses this weapon as it along with his phone and motorcycle were stolen by the three assassins of Wilson Chan. It was also given to Dean who uses the bow/staff to fight Pepe, following the absence of his bow/staff, Pepe had to temporarily wield a slingshot. While fighting Chino and Llama, the bow/staff was returned to Pepe by Sarri who stole the weapon from Dean and tossed it back to him.

During the final episode, Pepe buries the bow/staff and the rest of his equipment underneath his family yard, signifying the end of his crusade as Alyas Robin Hood.

Book 2 Edit

Jekjek created a new bow which is made out of bamboo and can turn into a cane, following the retirement of his previous bow/staff. It was created when they were exiled on the province of the Aeta Tribe. This was created in order to find equity to Pepe's mother, Judy who was believed to be killed when the Kadugo Brotherhood brought a bomb on the City Hall and later exploded. Following the deaths of Lizzy and Caloy, Pepe out of anger and hopelessness destroys his second bow temporarily stopping his vigilante activities. A few days later, Pepe returns home to retrieve his old bow/staff and continues to bring people hope as Alyas Robin-Hood.