Junior Aguilar (Nicknamed as Junjun) is a fictional character produced by GMA Network. He appears in both Book 1 and Book 2. He was portrayed by Actor Luri Vincent Nalus.

Background Edit

Book 1 Edit

Junjun was recruited by Pepe when he was driving a garbage truck until he heard a baby crying and was called as "Chanak" [Note: he was also seen taking other jobs before the garbage truck part after reviewing]. Pepe investigated about the incident happened and later recruited Junjun.

Book 2 Edit

Junjun is now a driver or a Maid for Leandro. He also joins Venus and Frida's missions that were related to Emilio Albano.

Trivia Edit

  • Alyas Robin Hood is the first project that Actor Luri Vincent Nalus had worked on with GMA Network.