Venus Torralba (Disguised as Clara Aguinaldo or Aphrodite)is a fictional character produced by GMA Network. She appears in both Book 1 and Book 2 of Alyas Robin Hood which she was being portrayed by Actress Andrea Torres.

Background Edit

Book 1 Edit

Venus is the older daughter of Leandro and the older sister of Jupiter. She is Frida's boss. She always join Pepe's mission. She met Pepe by finding him drowning and reviving him with CPR in a bikini.

Book 2 Edit

"To girl power!"
―Venus to Lizzy De Jesus.
Venus was proposed to Pepe after one year. She also joined with him in some times of missions that were related with Emilio Albano.

Trivia Edit

  • Venus means Goddess of love and beauty in Latin.
  • Venus secretly loves having CPR done on her.